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Hostibox is a feature rich platform where thousand developers and business build and deploy their projects on the cloud. Perfect for any project size, we provide ability to design our own infrastructure.

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Our services

Virtual Instances

Complete virtual server instance for any cloud application with custom CPU, RAM and storage resources. Also known as VPS.

Cloud drive

Provide simple storage appliance to store your backup. FTP, SCP and rsync enabled, perfect for backup scripts.

Business emails

Provide email inboxes such as with business features: professional address book, calendar, and much more.

Object storage

Provide S3-compatible storage for your applications. Powered by Ceph with full data redundancy.

Load balancer

NGINX & Varnish powered load balancer to setup high velocity 100% uptime websites and applications with front-end protection against DDoS and bruteforce attacks.

Open cloud system

Hostibox provide an entire cloud ecosystem where each service can be connected to another one. But the best is that you can connect your existing services (Microsoft Azure, Amazon, …) with services under our platform where other cloud providers will tell you to move everything into them.

World class support

Our very friendly support team is available 24×7 to help you solving cloud issues. We solve also your 3rd party software problems (WordPress plugins, MySQL optimization tips …)