Which control panel for your dedicated server?

By Aina Manoa Ratefiarison • Posted on 3 May 2019

Which control panel for your dedicated server?

Managing a dedicated server is a hard job. So, IT engineers built control panel to help us to manage them.

Most of dedicated server users set up a control panel. It is mainly because black and white on the shell (nowadays some operating system allows few other colors) give them scary.

So, which control panel should we choose? Here are the three greatest that we know.

1. cPanel/WHM : the most used control panel in the world

cPanel/WHM : the most used control panel in the world.

About 99 % of web hosting companies use cPanel as control panel. When we talk about cPanel, don’t forget about WHM (Web Host Manager) which comes with.

cPanel/WHM is used in web hosting industries because it’s become a standard. Only the term « cPanel » give more chance to sell a web hosting package. Few hosting companies abused this word to promote their own control panel.

Also, cPanel is very intuitive for new users, and has multiple plugins to improve its features: automatic SSL configuration, multiple PHP version,… And the WHM which come with cPanel allow to resell hosting.

The negative point is that cPanel is not free. But we think you can invest for a good tool.

2. ISPConfig: the free control panel alternative

Most companies which don’t use cPanel and provide ISPConfig as an alternative. ISPConfig is also a good control panel, but not all users like it.

It has different management method so some users already comfortable with cPanel can be easily lost in the forest of settings. Also, ISPConfig is not, at this time, handling CloudLinux advantages.

But ISPConfig is a very good control panel. It can handle all most used softwares in web hosting industries : Apache, NGINX, Varnish caching, courier, dovecot, postfix, XMPP, bind9, UFW, … and has great documentation on their website.

3. Webmin : setup what you need

Webmin is also a good control panel. But its main issue is you need to setup yourself all softwares you need.

Webmin doesn’t go with softwares. You should setup them to be integrated with Webmin. A good news for those who has personal preferences, but some new users will be lost in the nature with it.

Webmin is mainly used by OVH customers as they have ready-to-use Webmin installation on VPS and bare-metal servers.


So, when you choosed to go with dedicated solution, you might disburse fees to a cPanel licence or a system administrator to help you managing it.

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