Accepted payments methods

Here is all payments methods accepted by Hostibox.

Latest update: Saturday 3rd March 2018

Cash and cheque

Offline payments methods, accepted when a sales agent or technical agent work with you locally (not remote). We take your cash or cheque directly in your office, your home or at any other location you wish (Antsirabe Madagascar and nearest places).

Bank transfer & deposit

Accepted on all invoices, offline or online. Transaction confirmation can take up to 2 business days. We use three different bank wire methods:

  • SWIFT : international wire
  • SEPA : European wire
  • ACH : US wire

We accept also deposit on our account at Bank of Africa Madagascar.

PayPal and credit/debit card

We accept payments from PayPal platform. Also, all compatible credit and debit card are allowed.

Bitcoin payment

We accept coins on Bitcoin network. Our payment system work with CoinGate (automatic) and Coinbase (manual, via ticket).

Mobile phone (mobile money)

For Madagascar residents, we accept money transfer using mobile money MVola and Orange Money.

Western Union

We accept payments on Western Union. For doing that, please open a ticket and an agent will provide you all informations you will need to process it.

Other payments methods

Hostibox stay open about any payment method proposal. So, if you have any electronic wallet which can't be used on our website, we can implement it in 24 hours after your request.

Coming soon

Listed payment method is currently under integration and will be available very soon on our website:

Name Manual (via ticket) Automatic
Etherum (ETH) Yes In progress
Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Yes In progress
Coinbase wallet Yes In progress
Payza Yes In progress
Skrill Yes In progress
Payoneer Yes In progress
Airtel Money Madagascar In progress In progress