Domain reseller account

Domain reseller account allow you to resell domain names to your customer at a cheap rate. Start your domain name seller business with our powerful program.

Why become a reseller at Hostibox?

Start business immediately

Reseller account are immediately provisionned and ready to use.

No monthly fees

These is no monthly cost. Pay only domains name which you register.


No way to detect that Hostibox is the provider.

Complete marketing tools

SuperSite and PartnerSite are brough to you to build your web hosting company website instantly.

Powerful API

API is available to allow your integration with your own software.

LogicBoxes control panel

LogicBoxes control panel is a way to manage your customer, sub-resellers and all domain names you resell. Also, integration plugin is available (WHMCS).

Pricing and discounts

0 to 5 domains names : 0% discount

6 to 100 domains names : 5% discount

+100 domains names : get a quote