Virtual instances

Virtual Private Servers

Create and deploy your virtual machines on the cloud with our VPS offers.

Pick the software, language & OS of your choice

With our customized KVM virtualization, you can use the OS of your choice: Linux, Windows and even your own OS image. It is just like a bare-metal server in your own datacenter. Deploy instantly your application and wave out weeks of hardware setup process.

Get 50% discount when spending over 100 USD per month.

100% uptime SLA

With our Service Level Agreement, your VPS will always uptime.

Multiple OS choices

Choose the OS template of your choice, Windows or Linux. We have 20+ OS images and you can upload also your own OS installation media.

No hidden fees

Control your budget with flat-rate monthly billing. No extra fees.

Privacy first

Your VPS disk drive is encrypted and only you can access to your files.

Plans and pricing

BoxKVM 512

BoxKVM 1024

BoxKVM 2048

BoxKVM 4096

Cheap dedicated resources for testing purposes.

BoxKVM 512 is our cheapest plan which come with dedicated memory & storage.

You can use it for testing purposes and very small applications (VPN, storage, …)

A sandbox for your team.

This offer is made to build sandbox for your development team.

Where BoxKVM 512 is for personal usage, BoxKVM 1024 can be used by multiple users.

Home of small websites.

We made this plan for small websites server. You can host a complete web server with control panel in this package.

Multiple websites, multiple technologies.

This plan is for multiple websites configurations, and for extended technologies (NodeJS, Django, Varnish, …)


1 vCPU

512 MB RAM

10GB Storage



$ 3.00 USD/month


2 vCPU

1024 MB RAM

20GB Storage



$ 5.00 USD/month


2 vCPU

2048 MB RAM

40GB Storage



$ 10.00 USD/month


4 vCPU

4096 MB RAM

80GB Storage



$ 20.00 USD/month

Intensive usage

Requires more resources? Go with our Virtual Dedicated Servers (VDS) which come with dedicated CPU cores and much more RAM.